My name is Harry and many of you in the Delaware Valley (that’s the area around Philadelphia, for those of you who are not from around here) know me. I grew up in a typical Greek-American family in South Jersey (diner owners, of course), and later moved to Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, otherwise known as Mikri Ellada!

Everyone knows about the Greek towns in Astoria, Detroit, Chicago, or Danforth Street in Toronto, but Philadelphia and the surrounding area, especially Upper Darby, is rich with history of the Greeks and their American experience – some good, some bad, but uniquely us. Where else can you get a Philly cheesesteak with a side of spanakopita?

From the Greek dances at the Sheraton Hotel on JFK Blvd. to the bouzoukia at Dionysos on 2nd and South Streets, and from the clothing drives in the 70’s for the refugees in Cyprus to the demonstrations in the 90’s in support of Greek Macedonia, and from the diners and pizzerias to all types of businesses owned by Greeks… we’ll talk about it all. We’ll even throw in something non-Greek every once in awhile – we do live in America!

Hopefully, some of these stories of our history and our unique experiences will trigger some of your own to share. Yo Philly… Yia’sou, Baby!

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