February 17, 2012. Upper Darby, Pa. – This past week, the Akritai of Philadelphia hosted a fundraiser to help get their chapter to the upcoming NYC Pan Pontian Festival in the summer. The Akritai dance group performed 4 different dances for the Greek community who stood by and snapped photos while they showed off their skills. A junior group under 12 also performed. Philly’s own Atlantis of Philadelphia alternated the entertainment with Xristos Tiktapanidis on Lyra and Giannhs Apazidis on vocals.

Through out the year, a variety of events, businesses and private contributions are depended on for Greek organizations like the “Akritai” and others to continue to function. The annual Youth fundraiser is one that makes a significant difference. It is a place to showcase our ethnic identity and see how the next generation embraces and preserves identity.

Over the course of the last three years the Akritai of Philadelphia have managed to grow their membership steadily. In fact, Pontian dancing and active event organizing across North America have been growing. Greek National dance contests, are often won by or are dominated by Pontian dance troupes. Globally, in Greece and Germany winter Pan Pontian events are attended by thousands year after year. In late June, the 3rd annual Pan Pontian Festival of North America will bring more than 13 organizations from across America to NYC for an educational and entertaining weekend.