Greece, the worlds 32nd largest economy in the world, continuous to be the center of global economic attention. It’s decision to consider a referendum yesterday brought further focus on Greece. One of its regional political leaders with close family ties to the community of Philadelphia has been in town these past few days visiting with family, friends and Greek organizations explaining the current state of affairs.

Panagiotis Psomiadis, the former Governor of Central Macedonia, visited the Pontian Society Akritai and St. Demetrios Church both in Upper Darby last night. Mr. Psomiadis spoke to the members of the community during dinner about the crisis involving Greece and then went on to St. Demetrios Church just a few blocks away, where Greek school was letting out. He was given a tour of the church and school by Father Nectarios of St. Demetrios. Surprised by his visit, parents picking up their children gave a warm welcome and shook hands, while Psomiadis congratulated both staff and children alike on their continued effort to preserve Greek language and education.

Psomiadis displayed his athletic skills in the gym, by shooting a few baskets while father Nectarios looked on. He seamlessly then jumped into a photo op with the parents, students, and teachers of St. Demetrios before heading outside. There he concluded his evening by visiting the Pontian genocide monument dedicated to those lost in the historic homeland of Pontos.