July 4th, 2012. More than 1000 members of the historic 119 yr old Lansdowne community (just outside west Philadelphia) marched in the annual Fourth of July parade. The parade route covered a 1 square mile route through the historic Henry Albertson subdivision (a tree lined, Queen Anne, Colonial Revival and Tudor revival street) and ended up at Pennwood h.s. Gentlemen were seen bearing bow ties, while Floats, floated down Greenwood avenue with children and streamers. Lined with neighbors and friends, the sun filled streets were colored in red-white-blue flags while fire engines signaled the celebration. A ceremonial flag raising by local boy scout Troops; the Pledge Allegiance and the National Anthem sung by the Del Chordians were all part of The midmorning ceremonies on the h.s. field. One of the final songs concluding the afternoon was a singing of Lansdowne borough song ” Discover our town, Lansdowne” by Joseph Stevenson. Games, water ice and races entertained the crowed following the ceremonies.