Today we remember the nearly 3000 people that died at the historic tragedy known as 9/11. Among the victims were also 33 Greek-Americans. Across the nation and the world, memorial services are recognizing the victims, their families and those that survived.

As Greek-Americans, the heartfelt loss of St. Nicholas church left us shattered. St. Nicholas Church was the only religious edifice destroyed in the 9/11 attacks, adding to the pain of this historic moment for Greek Orthodox faithful.

For those of us in Philadelphia, a special connection to this tragic moment is remembered. Danielle Kousoulis, who grew up and spent much of her youth at St. Thomas Greek Orthodox Church was lost at 9/11.

Danielle touched many lives and is remembered each year at the Danielle Kousoulis Memorial Cup Golf Tournament hosted at Scotland Run Golf course to be held this September 26. Today, her photo rests at the entrance to the building named in honor of her – the Danielle Kousoulis Culture Center adjacent to the church.

Danielle was Vice-President at Cantor Fitzgerald, New York, where she started in 1989. Her sister, Eleni, said she felt a strong connection with her community and where she was from. During the holidays and her free time she returned often, to be near her family. She was a member of the St. Thomas GOYA and learned to dance Greek with the local church dance group.

This image is a reminder of how Americans wherever we are, feel a connection and are affected by this event. May Danielle Kousoulis and all of those lost at this tragic and historic event, rest in peace.