Upper Darby, PA – Markos Seferlis brought his comedic antics in to the heart of the Greek-American community this past weekend. His first North American tour was his first visit to America and it did not disappoint.

Seferlis called it a “dream realized and continues, “ I felt the need to replay the obligation I felt to that Greek-American community who has for so many years, honored me with their love and validation. So many have flocked to my theatrical productions during their summers in Greece. It is only natural now that I return this love and obligation by traveling to the U.S. and Canada to be reunited with my loyal fans and to meet and greet many new ones.”

His seven city tour, wrapped up in Philadelphia with a show that featured his comedy cast of the super talented Comedy Group. The 13 month production was developed in partnership with Art of Comedy Productions and Andreas Vlassis.

The three hour performance and dinner left the audience laughing throughout the evening and brought the popular comedy of Greece to America. Yiannis Kapetanios, Elena Tsavalia, Thodoros Romanidis, Stelios Kritikos and Yiannis zoupantis were all part of the ensemble from Greece.

Syn-Phonia Entertainment Inc produced and brought the show to Philadelphia, through Greek Concert Promotions, LLC.