May 18, 2013. Upper Darby. Pa.- When it comes to “Greek” Festivals it’s certain that word “Greek” is emphasized here. Walking through the crowed of attendees, volunteers and kids, the Greek language can be heard more often than English. St. Demetrio Greek Orthodox Church in Upper Darby has had a long and proud distinct ability to preserve their Greek identity while hosting its annual Greek Festival from year to year.

So much of what they do is still original even after 35 years. From the homemade sweets stands to the “Psistaria”, they make it the old fashion way, your Yia-yia and Papou would be proud of. When one-steps in to the Taverna area where the psistaria is, it’s all about the aromas of skewed meat (including kokoretsi) to the retsina and the language-pure Greek.

The areas best live Greek band “Atlantis of Philadelphia“; dance troupes performing for hours on end; performing original Greek folk dancing from as far away as Pontos (Black Sea/Turkey) are only part of the charm that make this an original Greek festival. A kiss on both sides of the cheek; a handful of worry beads wavering in ones hand and the careful eye of a Greek dance instructor watching to see if everyone keeps in step, are also part of what makes this, the St. Demetrios Greek Festival in Upper Darby special.

Congratulations to all those members that gave of their time and effort at St. Demetrios for keeping alive this traditional Greek Festival.