On Sunday, March 3, 2024, St. George Cathedral in Philadelphia welcomed its new Dean, Rev. Father Anastasios Bourantas, in a display of faith and community unity. The atmosphere inside the cathedral was electric with anticipation and celebration as congregants gathered to mark this significant occasion.

The day started with the solemnity of the Divine Liturgy, an essential aspect of Greek Orthodox tradition. Worshipers participated in sacred rituals, and hymns filled the air, signaling the beginning of a new chapter for the cathedral.

Following the Liturgy, the focus shifted to the official welcome of Father Anastasios. The congregation, dressed in their Sunday best, greeted their new Dean with warmth and enthusiasm, eager to embrace his leadership and vision for the community.

Notably present was the Mayor of the City of Philadelphia, Mrs. Cherelle Parker, whose attendance highlighted the cathedral’s importance within the city’s cultural fabric.

In his address, Father Anastasios expressed gratitude for the warm welcome he received and outlined his vision for the cathedral’s future. He articulated a vision focused on compassion, service, and spiritual growth that deeply resonated with the congregation, inspiring hope and excitement for the journey ahead.

As the ceremony ended, the spirit of optimism and renewal lingered within the cathedral walls. With Rev. Father Anastasios Bourantas leading the way, St. George Cathedral stands poised to continue its legacy of faith, fellowship, and devotion, embodying the timeless values that have sustained it for generations.