Philadelphia, PA – The Sunday School class of 1942 was honored last night at the Hilton. St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral hosted its annual banquet fundraiser that brought together former members, founders, and parishioners for the evening.

The Autumn Ball event is held annually to raise funds to maintain and restore the Cathedral structure which was originally an Episcopalian Church built in 1821. The church is nearing its 200th anniversary and is the mother church of the community.

The theme of the Autumn Ball was, “Celebrating Our Past and Looking Forward to Our Future.” It references the historic 1942 St. George Cathedral Sunday School photograph taken 21 years after the church was consecrated. It was on display during cocktail hour for all to review and identify those loved ones who have passed.

“These children have become known as those of the Greatest Generation. They became doctors, lawyers, school teachers, judges, and served in World War II and the Korean Conflict,” said event organizer John Sarkioglu.

On this evening, St. George Cathedral recognized again, the class of 1942 on their 75th anniversary. Many of those founding members of the Cathedral are no longer present, but the children and grandchildren, friends and neighbors are. They honored that historical past by being present and sharing the stories of their lives.

The evening was highlighted with a contest sponsored by the Cathedral. A $1,000 cash prize for the individual that could identify the most individuals in the photo was given along with the actual image on display.