Philadelphia, PA – On Sunday afternoon, Alexander Kitroeff, Professor of History, gave a recorded lecture on the history of St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral to parish members and the Greek community. The event launched a year-long series of celebrations commemorating the 100 years of church history.

The reception hosted in the church hall was introduced by the church Board President and Assistant Professor at Franklin & Marshall College, Kostis Kourelis. Reverend Archimandrite Ambrose Bitziadis-Bowers of St. George followed a brief history and ties to the Archdiocese, marking its 100 years in America.

Professor Kitroeff provided a timeline of Greek immigrants in Philadelphia, their cathedral church, and their relationship to the Archdiocese. He also mentioned that although Philadelphia was not a well-recognized diaspora community like Chicago or New York, many organizations like the Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia and Cosmos Philly were recording and securing the church and community history.

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