Jeffersonville, PA – From Loukoumades to the Lamb shanks and everything in between, it’s Greek food lover’s journey. St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church kicked off the fall festival season with the first Greek festival. Thousands lined the church hall cafeteria and the big tent to sample Greek cuisine during this four-day festival.

Byzantine Frescoes tours, outdoor rides and games for the kids anchored this event for people of all ages. Father Peter Thornberg escorted visitors into the main room of the church and pointed out much of the latest frescoes work that has been added to the latest church in the community. And for kids, a green field filled with carnival games and rides sat adjacent to the outdoor tent where parents could enjoy a Greek mean and keep an eye on their kids.

For those just looking for a place to kick back and reflect on summer, then this place did that as well. A late breaking sun on the church edifice was the backdrop to an outdoor seating area, where you could enjoy a meal or a strong cup of traditional Greek coffee and slice of Baklava.

It’s the festival that brings you the warmth of Greece just when you thought your summer was over. St. Sophia’s warmth comes through again.