Villanova, PA – It may have been the most important message of last weeks Fan club meeting held at Nova Grill. We are here to support Panathinaikos soccer club and Greek soccer said Alexander Kitroeff, who is one of the key leaders in organizing a new fan club for Greece’s soccer club Panathanaikos in suburban Philadelphia. Kitroeff is also Associate Professor at Haverford College and has written a historic book, “GREECE, EUROPE AND PANATHINAKIOS, 100 Years of history” and can be seen here, at: (

Greece’s economic turmoil has spread through out the country in all areas.Some of the amateur soccer teams are being funded by brothels and funeral homes to stay afloat and pay for basic necessities and operating costs, which include uniforms and travel expenses. Panathinaikos (Athens) one of the oldest and well recognized teams in Greece, like many athletic clubs in the sports market are also feeling the pinch. It’s possible that their in the worst situation of the history of their team.

The team is in debt millions of Euros and essentially bankrupt of leadership as well. Managing Director of SKAI Media Group and Panathinaikos FC fans’ coalition group, President Yiannis Alafouzos has come in to help as interim president.

“We are citizens and we have to get involved in our society, if we don’t, how will society progress? We are members of the Greek society and we have to care,” said Alafouzos in a recent interview with Greek Reporter.

This past Tuesday afternoon, Alafouzos tweeted his appreciation to the newly forming and yet unofficial Philadelphia Fan Club:

Yiannis Alafouzos
Χαιρετίζουμε την συγκέντρωση φίλων ΠΑΟ στην Φιλαδέλφεια-ΗΠΑ.Σας ευχαριστούμε για την στήριξη και το έργο σας !

Maybe a small step. But it’s certainly a step that proves fan loyalty, soccer and probably country loyalty are still present. That is a good foundation to recognize and start from. That was apparent this past week as sea of White and Green shamrocks were waved by members of the Greek community. This enthusiastic bunch have no doubts of the ability of the team a future organization in Philly and it’s country to bounce back.

Next month, on January 22, 2013, at 7:30 pm, the crowed is expected to double in attendance for their second unofficial meeting. They will meet again at Nova Grill in Villanova (suburban Philadelphia/Villanova campus) to begin the process of official recognition of a Panathinaikos Philadelphia Fan Club.

All are welcome to attend. For more information, conatact: Costas Xinos at: 484-919-4338