Jeffersonville, PA – St. Sophia hosted its fourth annual car show yesterday. The end-of-summer event drew car enthusiasts from all over the Delaware Valley to share the day, their cars and support the church’s endeavors. “It brings out the community, and we do it as a fundraiser that supports programs and those with less fortune in the area,” said church parishioner Tom Cox of St. Sophia.

Tents scattered throughout the campus, including raffles, a food tent, and various demonstrations from local first responders, are part of the entertainment for all. Trophies were awarded in more than twenty categories. A special award nominated by local scouts was a new addition to the event. Local troop members review the cars and pick their favorite as a team. “Anyone can enter the car show,” said this year’s chair and church parishioner Lucy Kayline.

Several professional judges were on hand, and a special recognition known as the President’s Award was recognized and selected by John Pogas of St. Sophia.

St. Sophia will be kicking off the fall season with a fall festival that will last three days. The annual event will take place on September 10-12, 2021, on the church’s grounds.