Broomall, PA – It is the season for making Tsipouro. All over Greece and the US, Tsipouro is now being produced more and more for home consumption.

We visited the home of George Karamitopoulos, who shared his own version and process of Tsipouro this past Monday night. We even got to sample the elixir that has gained in popularity the last few years.

Tsipouro is the product of distilled grapes and the process is repeated twice to make it as pure as possible. Where as Ouzo, the more popular known drink, is the product of alcohol and anise that gives it its distinctive flavor.

Sitting by his still and clutching a wooden hand made cane, Karamitopoulos reflected on his history of making Tsipouro and how he carried on this method from Greece, where he was from, to the US. where he resides today. ” I use eight different types of grapes”, said Karamitopoulos with a proud smile on his face.

Some time later, we all walked over to the main house and sat down in the kitchen. With family and friends present, we talked throughout the night. It’s what Greeks do, and on this night, the Parea, Mezes and Tsipouro reminded us of who we are.