Eddystone, PA – Vicki’s Cold Cuts has stood as a beloved institution for 55 years, starting with its founding by Greek immigrants Paraskevoula and Pete Fotiadis from Thessaloniki, Greece. Serving the hardworking employees of Baldwin Locomotives and neighboring companies, this delicatessen quickly became a cornerstone of the community. Despite Eddystone’s economic struggles following the closure of the Baldwin factory in the 1970s, Vicki’s deli remained a symbol of resilience and perseverance.

The locals hold Vicki’s Cold Cuts dear, forming strong connections with the Fotiadis family who started it all. Even those who have moved away from Eddystone often make a point to return, seeking to relive cherished memories and savor the familiar flavors. While the original owner, Vasiliki Fotiadis, has passed away, her son George, who grew up working in the store, carries on her legacy with unwavering dedication and commitment.

Vicki's Cold Cuts 2

In celebration of its milestone, Vicki’s Deli recently unveiled a new sign bearing the motto “All Roads Lead to Vicki’s.” This simple phrase encapsulates the sentiment shared by the community, recognizing the deli as a destination of significance no matter where life’s journey takes them.

Situated near the Chester waterfront, Vicki’s Cold Cuts holds a special place in a historically rich area, greatly influenced by the presence of the Baldwin Locomotive Works and a vibrant Greek community. Remarkably, it even boasts a brush with fame through actress Jennifer Aniston, who spent part of her childhood in Eddystone, where her family settled as immigrants from Greece. Jennifer’s father, actor John Anthony Aniston, also attended high school here.

The store’s fiftieth anniversary was marked by creating a short documentary film, shedding light on Vicki’s Cold Cuts’ historical significance and cementing its place in the fabric of Eddystone. For those curious to delve into its story, the documentary can be accessed online through Cosmos Philly- (All Roads Lead To Vicki‚Äôs).

Vicki’s Cold Cuts is a testament to the indomitable Greek spirit of the Fotiadis family and the enduring support of their loyal customers. Through the ebb and flow of changing times and shifting fortunes, this deli remains where memories are made, stories are shared, and the essence of community thrives.