The recently published Yiayia’s Kitchen Children’s books follow a young girl of Greek heritage and her grandmother as they spend time together cooking and baking. Not only are they cooking and baking together, but they also share values like honesty, patience, love, and family traditions.

Children can benefit significantly from what grandparents can teach them through their own experiences while combining this with cooking and baking skills. The ground is set for a marvelous place to learn important lessons about life. Yiayia’s Kitchen Children’s Books are a blend of delicious Greek cooking and life values.

These three books are beautiful lessons related to family heritage and traditions. While many things are essential, Yiayia (grandmother) emphasizes love above all.

Parents and grandparents are always looking for ways to bond with their children, and the “Yiayia’s Kitchen” series will allow them to spend valuable time with the children in their lives.

“We hope our readers find nostalgia in celebrating the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren. No matter how you may connect with the stories and gifts, I am so glad you are here,” says the author, Brianna Koucos Midgley.

Those from Greek heritage will make the most of this opportunity as they can relate to some of the experiences, traditions, and food mentioned in the books. The website also features other products like embroidered hummingbird cotton kitchen towel, bracelet “Yiayia” in different colors, and the “Yiayia loves me” onesie hand-sewn.

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