On Tuesday September 22, 2015, the Annunciation Elkins Park Greek School welcomed students and parents to start off the new school year with an Agiasmos Service and Back to School Night.

By John Avgiris

The Community presiding priest Reverent Fr. John Johns, offered the Agiasmos service in a full church, occasionally interacting with students of all ages on educational topics and emphasizing to them particularly the importance of learning and understanding of their heritage and the language of their ancestors.

Following the religious ceremony, the teachers of the school met with the parents to whom they outlined the Greek education program for their assigned class, referred to their academic expectations from the students and once again reviewed the rules and regulations of the school and of the community.  The day ended with a reception offered for all in attendance by the School Board and the parents.

The Greek School of the Annunciation at Elkins Park, has enjoyed explosive growth over the past two years of more than 100%. While there is substantial growth of the students who attend the six-year program and the Adult class, the registration for the newly instituted Pre-K/K class is surpassing all expectations. The school combines top-notch instructors with a warm, nurturing learning environment, a dedicated and energetic team of volunteers who constitute the School Board and of course a very supportive Parish Community.

Although the new school year started in September 22, new registrations will be accepted until early October. Please contact the office of the church of the Annunciation at (215) 635-0316 or www.anngoc.org for any questions regarding the Greek Education program.