On April 10, 2023, St. George Greek Orthodox of Media, PA, welcomed His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America for his first visit to their parish. This special event occurred at 6:00 pm during the sacred Bridegroom Service, and the congregation was honored to receive His Paternal Blessing.

His Eminence, born in Istanbul, Turkey, was elected Archbishop of America in June 2019. His strong commitment to interfaith dialogue, spiritual growth, and social justice made him respected in the Greek Orthodox Church and beyond.

The Bridegroom Service is essential to the Holy Week leading up to Easter. It symbolizes the spiritual preparation for the arrival of Christ, the Bridegroom, and serves as a reminder for the faithful to remain vigilant and ready for the Second Coming.

As the spiritual leader of their community, Archbishop Elpidophoros imparted his Paternal Blessing to the congregation. This blessing served as a reminder of their connection to the wider Greek Orthodox Church and their shared commitment to the teachings of Christ. The community was present and receptive to the words of wisdom and guidance that the Archbishop shared with their parish.

The first visit of His Eminence to St. George was a significant event in the life of the parish. The community celebrated this momentous occasion and welcomed Archbishop Elpidophoros with open arms and hearts. The parish strengthened their spiritual bonds by preparing their church and hearts for the Bridegroom Service and embracing the opportunity to receive His Paternal Blessing. It reaffirmed their dedication to the teachings of the Greek Orthodox Church.