A Greek fisherman’s hat, frappe, Greek being spoken around the spit and a frequent OPA! All these details for the senses made it an occasion we’ve grown accustomed. It’s evident more here than anywhere.

My Big Fat Greek Fall Festival was hosted this past weekend at Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church in Northeast Philly. The only rule, you had to speak Greek. In fact, speaking English at this festival gets you a stare and then a grin. Sure the folks working the food stand will serve you a Gyro when you order it. But if you say it like a Greek, “γύρος” and order it with everything, they might even give you a wink as they hand it over.

The bi-yearly event also featured the youth dance groups from their church and neighboring St. Sophia from Jeffersonville that provided the entertainment. Each dance grouped performed dances from all over Greece and its islands, making this event a feast for all the senses.