Philadelphia, PA – Want to know where the best Greek foods being served. Nope, it’s one of those famous Greek restaurants around the city. It’s Evangelismos of Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church. On the corner of Bustleton and Hellerman avenues.

The annual fall Greek festival is going on all weekend in northeast Philly at this neighborhood church. It features homemade Greek food, dancing, music and more. If you want to relax over a cup of Greek coffee and take in a Greek pastry, like loukoumades or baklava, this place has it.

There’s plenty of time to come and enjoy a hot traditional Greek meal. The place gets cooking by 12:00 noon and runs through the evening on Saturday and Sunday.

September 30 – October 2, 2016
Evangelismos of Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church
6501 Bustleton Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19149
(215) 743-7982