From dances to festivals, sporting events to religious celebrations, and everything in between, Cosmos Philly was there in 2013. Throughout this past year, our team has been documenting the moments of our community and its heritage around the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

We saw the PGBL and GOYA league champions crowned as family members and friends beamed. We witnessed the annual Blessing of the Waters in Asbury Park and a huge and successful fund raiser held in Upper Darby for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. On Greek Independence Day, we shined as Hellenic pride overtook Philadelphia’s famed Benjamin Franklin parkway. And during 2013 we were at the many Greek festivals throughout the Delaware Valley celebrating our culture and saying “Opa!” with our friends and our families.

When a holy relic made of wood from the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was brought from the Holy land to its new home St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Philadelphia, we could hardly believe it – but the photos and video captured it all. As the weather warmed, we remembered our Greek-American veterans, the Pontian Genocide and the invasion of Cyprus.

The Seis family celebrated its 100th year in America, reminding us of our family’s journeys from Greece to the New World. In September our Greek schools opened and we listened to the voices of the next generation speaking Greek. And as our Greek Orthodox churches carried the Epitafios of Christ during Easter through our streets, we were there to capture those moments for all to see and share.

In 2013, we gave you the weather, news and music from Greece, and we even let you know who was celebrating a name day, in case you forgot. Our bloggers kept us entertained reminding us of the Greek Samsonite and Re-Greeking and we let you know who our advertisers are so you could support them for supporting us.

Looking back through this year’s images that mean so much to us, we can’t help but feel that our Greek-American community of Philadelphia continues to evolve and grow and “We Are Cosmos Philly!” See you in 2014.