Upper Darby, PA. – Cherry Hill NJ.,- May 4rth, 2013. Yesterday, Cosmos Philly visited 1st Resurrection services at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox church in Upper Darby and St.Thomas Greek Orthodox church in Cherry Hill for 2nd Resurrection services.

At St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox church, Father Nectarios and his congregation celebrated 1st resurrection because of one of the “Hymns we chant, (Anasta O’ Theos), Arise O’ God”, said Nectarios. He went on to say, that the banging of pots and pans, symbolizes the noise that was made as Christ descended in to Hell bursting the gates of hell, granting life to those her were in the tomb and granting eternal life to all of us”.

At St. Thomas Greek Orthodox church, the community gathered inside and overflowed in to the exterior where they waited for Father Emanuel Pratsinakis. At midnight he appeared with alter boys at the entrance of St. Thomas and announced, “Defte Laveta Fos”(Come receive the light) and followed by announcing “Xristos Anesti”, Christ has risen!

Services continued in to the morning hours with morning mass.