The Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia (GAHSP) is a volunteer-based organization with the mission of preserving and promoting Hellenism to inspire social change and trigger personal growth by reconnecting both youth and adults to their heritage.

GAHSP is seeking a consultant to work on a specific component of the digital archive project. The digital archive includes artifacts of local Greek American historical significance, which are physically housed at the GAHSP Heritage Center facility located at the St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral at 256 S 8th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

The consultant will be reviewing the existing organization of how digital files have been filed, named, and cataloged. Cataloging needs to be upgraded to include searchable metadata in the master database. The consultant should have the proper background to allow them to assess the digital files for missing information (e.g., date) and to research to provide an estimate on the missing information as needed. All of the files are already digitized, and the goal is to make them broadly available to the public on the web. The expertise of the consultant should include familiarity with CMS systems to be able to advise GAHSP on the most appropriate system for an archive of the type and size that is being developed.

Applicants should have at least a bachelor’s or more advanced degree in archival studies, library and information science, museum studies. Recent graduates will be considered. Fluency in Greek is helpful but not necessary. Ideal candidates will have experience with photography, scanning, and postproduction using Adobe Photoshop and have the ability to work in an office environment managing physical and digital filing systems. The salary will be hourly and is negotiable.

Please send your resume to Alexandra Kroger at the following e-mail address: