Elkins Park, PA – The Greek School of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation in Elkins Park celebrated, on Tuesday evening March 27, the Feast Day of the Evangelismos of the Theotokos and Greek Independence Day, commemorating the 197th anniversary of the March 25, 1821, Greek Revolution.

All students from Pre-K to the sixth grade participated in the event. Dressed in traditional Greek costumes, they presented poems, plays, and songs in the Greek language, honoring the ethnic and religious character of the holiday.

The program, carefully selected by their teachers, was recognized by its richness, vibrancy, and variety to include numerous facts that took place during those years as well as its emphasis on respect and admiration for the heroes of the revolution who sacrificed their lives and their treasures to free their country from four centuries of tyrannical rule.

A part of the program was dedicated to Macedonia with a play from the 2018 Graduating Class depicting the many Neomartyres of Naoussa recognized and pronounced saints of our Church for their sacrifice in the bridge of Arepitsa to avoid enslavement by the enemy.

By all accounts, the one-hour program presented by the children was a great success and was well received by everyone in the audience, including parents and grandparents, community members and parish officials, guests and dignitaries.

The School Board extends gratitude and many thanks to all who collaborated to make this celebration such a great success. It was a very worthy team effort by the Greek School supported by the entire community including students who graduated the school in the past and parishioners who offered their musical talents for the needs of the program.