This Saturday evening the 1st Hellenic Hearts Inaugural Dinner-membership drive will take place at Estia Restaurant in Philadelphia. The event will feature wine tasting, food stations, and a silent auction. This is a perfect evening to meet the founder, John Aivazoglou and his staff. They will introduce the organization and program. The Hellenic Hearts are a new non-profit in the Greater Philadelphia area working hard to provide quick help for Hellenes in need. Doors open at 7:00 pm. For ticket information, contact John Aivazoglou at 610-876-880.

Hellenic Hearts was founded by John Aivazoglou, along with fellow founders and board members Nick Karalis, Tim Vlassopoulos and Kostas Mikropoulos. The organization’s goal is to provide immediate financial assistance for all qualified participants within 48 hours, according to the Hellenic Hearts website at The organization provides emergency cash grants and free money to qualified individuals to help them pay critical bills in an emergency. “If someone has hardship, they can contact us through the internet or through their priest and we will try to provide emergency assistance to that individual in an expedited manner,” Aivazoglou says.

Youth Program
Hellenic Hearts is also youth-focused. It is creating a learning center in Upper Darby which will provide Hellene youth educational support and counseling services which include mentoring, SAT preparation, admissions counseling, needs-based scholarships for undergraduate and graduate studies and counseling services for internships and job placement. Volunteers are now being sought for the center.

“The goals are to put together a significant membership,” says Founder John Aivazoglou. The group already boasts more than 50 members since its launch this past spring. Annual membership fees will run $1,000 for families, $500 for individuals under age 40.

Event Details
October 1, 2016 – 7:00 pm
Hellenic Hearts Inaugural Dinner/Fundraiser
Estia Restaurant, 1405-07 Locust Street, Philadelphia
Wine Tasting, Food Stations, Silent Auction
Tickets are $150, $75 of which is tax deductible
For tickets, contact John Aivazoglou at 610-876-880