Philadelphia, PA – Philadelphia’s Hellenic University Club members came to together for their annual Christmas party this past Sunday night at Estia Restaurant in downtown Philly. More than 120 members came out to mingle and enjoy a moment with St. Nick and fellow members.

About the Hellenic University Club

The Hellenic University Club of Philadelphia (HUC) is a nonprofit organization that has flourished for nearly 75 years in our City of Brotherly Love. Some 350 professionals, primarily of Greek descent, comprise our membership roster. A love of things Greek, ancient to modern, and a love of learning (PAIDEIA) are the common threads that bind us together.

The mission of the Club is both educational and social. Each year, beginning in September and concluding the following June, the governing Board of Directors plans a variety of activities and events. Members particularly enjoy learning about subjects and ideas that are rooted in Hellas/Greece and celebrating 4000 years of Greek culture. The Hellenic University Club strives to carry forward our rich and ancient heritage and to keep Greek culture thriving in the Philadelphia area.