The Pan Icarian Brotherhood, Philadelphia Chapter “ATHERAS” is hosting its 120th Supreme Convention on Labor Day Weekend at the Sheraton Downtown hotel. This is the oldest Greek organization in the Western Hemisphere, and in addition to meetings and the sort, its calling card is, of course, its massive convention dances. On Saturday evening, at 9 pm and on Sunday at 9 pm,  upon conclusion of its Grand Banquet, which starts at 7 pm,  the largest panigiri style dances in the Americas will be here, at the Sheraton Downtown in Philly.

The cost is $30 each evening. Children 12 and under are free. The dances will have thousands in attendance, and they will go until 4 am, or until sunlight,  with a cash bar. “The Icarian Dances at our Supreme Conventions are kind of like the Greek Rave,” stated Popi Kokolis, the local chapter President.

Below is the flyer for these events. If you are interested in the Sunday Grand Banquet, it starts at 7 pm, and tickets can also be ordered online. The $150 cost includes the dance that immediately follows.

Pan Icarian Supreme Convention

Support Philadelphia’s most active society as it hosts Icarians and friends from all over the world.

Check out the full schedule of events and make your dance purchases at