Straddling contemporary rock from the eighties to the nineties, “MY EXCUSE” (Greek rock band) is on a path of “ANABASIS” (ascension). Like the Greek professional soldier/writer “Xenophon”, from Antiquity, lead singer-band leader Steven Triant and his troops, “MY EXCUSE”, are on their first journey to conquer America. The tour will take them across 45 cities including last week’s stop over in Philly.

The historical Greek journey of Xenophon, accompanied the “Ten Thousand” (soldiers), a large army of Greek mercenaries hired by Cyrus, who intended to seize the throne of Persia from his brother, Artaxerxes II. “My Excuse” may not appear as overwhelming in numbers and stature as the historical “Ten Thousand”, but this 5 man line up is just as imposing.

Triant’s passion and drive are evident in his singing and the band’s powerful hard rock sound is blended with musical riff’s that are reminiscent of bands like, “Rage Against the machine” and one of my personal favorites “LIVE” (originally from York, Pa.). With the brilliant and creative writing of Triant, and his hand-picked mercenaries they have managed to produce an original sound all their own that deserves to be heard.

All that from 5 “REAL” Thessaloniki musicians in love with Rock and Roll. Together for more than 7 years now, their journey is featured here, in this powerful 20-minute documentary “MY EXCUSE THE BAND” Shot, Edited & Directed by Alexandros Maragos. The feature-length film provides an insightful view of the band and its quest for identity in a market and industry drowned out by prepacked pop. A Kickstarter campaign online and the support of the Greek/American community brought “My Excuse” to America and last week they visited The Legendary “Lou Dobbs” bar on South Street, in Philadelphia.

“My Excuse” played a 45 minute set at Dobbs on Thursday night where we interviewed Triant and shot footage of his band. “Silent Revolution”, their recently released single (also now on iTunes) certainly caught the attention of Philly music fans, who gave “My Excuse” warm applause at the end of their set. They also performed, “One More Time” and “The Way You Move”, all original music you can hear on their YouTube channel and see more of on their facebook site:

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