Cherry Hill, NJ – Icarians Nick Gasparinatos and Theologos Horiatis welcomed their guests to the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood “Atheras” annual dinner dance. The big event was hosted at the Danielle Kousoulis Center of Saint Thomas Greek Orthodox Church this past Saturday evening.

The event featured catering by Effie Pavlidou Economou and the Pontian clubhouse staff in Upper Darby that turned out to be a big success. Dinner lines for food extended till 10:30 pm before the dancing started. The music was performed by Leonidas Tsantidas and the Islanders who played all night long. Guests found themselves flooding the flood of all ages and dancing the night away. Care packages and several icons were raffled off during the evening to raise funds.

The Atheras chapter #12 has been in the Philadelphia area for more than 100 years now and has hosted its annual dance at St. Thomas for more than 35 years. The New Jersey Cherry Hill area is their home base and has a local clubhouse where members gather regularly.