Vineland, NJ – St. Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Church hosted its 46th Annual Name Day Dance on Saturday evening. Parish members and the local community came out to celebrate the patron saint Agios Antonios – the name of their church.

Live music was performed by an eclectic group of musicians from NY, Baltimore, and Greece. The Manolia Band from Greece performed and was led by Bouzouki player Theodoros Kampourides, who kicked off the evening with a series of instrumentals. Singers Dimitrios Mpekas and Maria Pearce added the singing, making it an extraordinary evening.

The church youth also got involved. Their dance group Apollo entertained the guests with dances from several different regions of Greece, including Crete, Epirus, and Pontos. Dr. Paul Mastoridis, a member of the Parish Council, was the MC of the evening. He thanked the community for its work on the ad book and their continued support of the church, Popi Isihos, for her work on the ad book and Kelly Frangakis for her work on the decorations. He also wished the guests a successful evening and wished the parishioners a wonderful festival for the summer.