Smiling parents assembled with children at St. Thomas Greek Orthodox church this past Thursday. The 2015 Greek school season brought together the parishes students from grades k through 8th grade. Arguable the largest Greek school in south Jersey, some 160 students registered for classes that meet twice a week. Language, dance and religion classes are all part of the program. Father Christoforos welcomed the students and spoke about the new year they were about to embark.

Principal of the Greek school Panagiota Delimaris also spoke about the new program and the addition of the new Pre-K class that was initiated for the first time at St. Thomas. She also invited parents to get involved with their children’s curriculum. Dimitrios P. Rozanitis Chairman, of Hellenic Education Committee said, “we have an incredible program at St. Thomas that continues to grow”. The agenda will include various projects and events through the church. He also challenged the young students with an essay about Greek school and added that prizes would be awarded at the end of the year to winners.

Following the announcements, the children and the teachers assembled for a group photo before heading into their classrooms and getting familiar with their classmates. While getting their books and schedules outlined, Father Christoforos again returned to each classroom and blessed students before concluded the day.