Amphipolis Tomb

3D model of the Amphipolis Tomb

A 3d virtual reconstruction model made by Ing. Nikolaos Alexandrou.
In 2012 Greek archaeologists unearthed northeast of Amphipolis at a location called the Kasta Hill, a vast tomb, the biggest burial tomb ever unearthed in Greece. The perimeter is 497 meters long, and is made of limestone covered with marble.

Klio Kokolis

Klio Kokolis, Jewel of Greek Dancing

Cherry Hill, NJ – Klio Kokolis loves Greek Dancing. How much you ask? Well, for 40 plus years, she has been the Director of Dance for the Hellenic Heritage Dance group of St. Thomas Greek Orthodox church in Cherry Hill.

Peter Bourjos (left) and George Kontos (right). Images courtesy of Keith Allison and Jose Benavides.

Greeks in Baseball

For those of you who have been watching this season’s MLB post season it’s been quite an exciting October to date. The Fall Classic matchup is now set between fellow Greek Mike Moustakas and his upstart Kansas City Royals going against the San Francisco Giants who will be looking for their 3rd World Series title in 5 years.

Atlantis Of Phila
The Philly Greek-Stake Blog

The Monkeys Are Here

At a recent Greek festival, I was sitting down drinking a Frappe, people watching, enjoying the weather, and listening to the haunting melodies of the bouzouki coming over the loudspeakers. Ahhhh… the sound of the bouzouki. An instrument that makes your emma rise to heart attack levels when it solos.

Shrimp Santorini
Food & Wine

Shrimp Santorini in a Feta & Greek Yogurt Cream Sauce

Shrimp happens to be one of the most favored Seafood around the globe and it is prepared countless ways and found in dishes from every ethnic culture. Yet it seems that there are a few select classic shrimp dishes that keep popping up on restaurant menus around the world. The dish I am speaking of is the famous Classic Shrimp Scampi.

Rocky Statue

Connecting Young Greeks from Education to Employment

Could Philadelphia play a role in Greece turning around its youth unemployment struggles? Recently, a contingent of five Greek university educators visited the City of Brotherly Love on the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP).

Zachery Lafakis Baptism - Image 30

Zachary Lafakis Baptism – Photo gallery

Zachary Lafakis was baptized on September 20th, 2014 at St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church. His proud parents Chris and Despina Lafakis were delighted to have their friends and family help them celebrate the joyous occasion, and deeply honored to have Socratis and Antonina Makrogiannis as his godparents.

Photographic Moments

Asbury Park, NJ, 2007

The annual “Blessing of the Waters” tradition takes place in mid September along the shores of the Asbury Park boardwalk. Members of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese from throughout the region attend church services that take place at the Paramount Theater and Convention center. Led by Metropolitan Evangelos of New Jersey, a wooden cross is thrown into the sea which is retrieves and returned by a lucky child. The child is blessed with good fortune for the year. Image courtesy of Eleftherios Kostans.