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This is a Final Exam for 2014

Another year has come and gone and soon 2015 will be upon us. I have tried to educate you in the ways of Greek-Americans (and Canadians too). I have tried to broaden your horizons. I have tried to instill in you the pride in our culture.

Food & Wine

Saint Basil’s Good Luck Bread

The holidays are in full swing, which means family dinners, lot’s of wine, wrapping presents and logically carbohydrate overload. potatoes, pastas, and so many side dishes. Over at Kuzina by Sofia, we are starting to realize why so many people need the gym once January 1 rolls around.

Pontian kalanda

A Philadelphia Greek Tradition, Pontian Christmas Carolers

Upper Darby, PA – In traditional folk attire the Pontian Akritai of Philadelphia made the rounds to homes, singing in the Christmas spirit. Some 12 members of the Greek clubhouse along with a clarinet and a Lyra players were led by President Effie Pavlidou-Economou around Broomall and Upper Darby.

Kuzina by Sofia

Victory Party at Kuzina by Sofia

Cherry Hill, NJ – For the second year in a row, the Cherry Hill Democratic Club & Committee celebrated their Holiday & Election Victory Party in Greek Fan Fare at Kuzina by Sofia in Cherry Hill.

Eagles vs Redskins 2011. Photo: Matthew Straubmuller

Eagles Eliminated from Playoffs

Who would have thought following a Thanksgiving Day blowout of Dallas, the Eagles, who at that time sat at 9-3, would eventually go on to one of the most epic collapses in recent memory.

Greek Christmas Recital at Evangelismos

Greek Christmas Recital at Evangelismos

Philadelphia, PA – The spirit of Christmas arrived a few days ago and was celebrated by the parishioners of Evangelismos Greek Orthodox church. Tucked away, under the church, the community huddled. One by one the Greek school students recited poems in Greek about the birth of Christ.

St. Thomas GOYANs spread Christmas Cheer

St. Thomas GOYAN’s spread Christmas Cheer

Cherry Hill, NJ – They gave the gift of song on Saturday morning. The St. Thomas GOYA kids sang in the season by traveling around Cherry Hill bringing cheerful smiles wherever they went. Nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and parishioners homes were all on the list.

Milk Chocolate with Pretzels and Potato Chips and White Chocolate with Oreo Cookies
Food & Wine

Holiday Candy Bark with Belgian Chocolate

This is the absolute best and easiest dessert for any occasion. The definition of “Bark” is simply a sheet of chocolate that is usually covered with nuts, dried fruit, candies and even additional pieces of chocolate. The long sheets of chocolate sometimes resembling the bark of a tree with the swirls and bumps.

St. Thomas GOYA in Christmas Spirit - Image 01

St. Thomas GOYA Sings in the Christmas Spirit

The St. Thomas GOYA brought in the Christmas spirit and shared it with the surrounding community. On Saturday morning some 40 kids and chaperones visited several nursing homes and parishioners singing Holiday and seasonal songs.

Photographic Moments

Wildwood, NJ, USA 2014

The white washed exterior of St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox church and blue sky come together in a scene reminiscent of a church on a Greek Island. Built in 1968, along the Eastern shore of the Atlantic ocean of South Jersey, St. Demetrios is the closest built church, less than 10 ft to the sea, in North America. Image courtesy of Eleftherios Kostans.