Welcoming March with a Greek Tradition

Living away from Greece it’s easy to forget some parts of life that I grew up with. As a teacher and a mother, I make it a priority to keep up with most of our Greek traditions. One of my favorites that has been a long lasting tradition in my family, is to make the Martis bracelet and wear it on the first day of March.


The PGBL… the gift that keeps on giving

The outside temperature was close to a frigid zero degrees but the action inside Saint Demetrios’ Church hall in Upper Darby was anything but cold… simply put, it was Ghost pepper hot!

Festivals & Dances

Pontian Akritai host Apokries party and perform Momogeri dance

Upper Darby, PA – The Apokries party was celebrated at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox church by The Pontian Akritai this past Sunday evening. Decorated tables tables of glitter and masques were filled with Pontian music lovers. Alexis Parharides and Giorgos Sofianidis were the host singers straight from Greece.

Christos DOGAS / EU Council
Greece / Cyprus

«Europe trashed democracy»

At the press conference following Eurogroup yesterday (February 20,2015), Paul Mason from Channel 4 asked Dijsselbloem “What do you say to the Greek people, whose democracy you’ve just trashed”.

pen mightier than sword
Greece / Cyprus

The Battle of the Drafts

Greece’s battle with the Eurogroup over its debt and bailout terms is heating up. And both sides have deployed a new and powerful weapon. The draft communique.

Photographic Moments

Katerini, Greece, 1996

The sun sets on a tobacco field farmer as she wraps a handkerchief. In the distance, snow capped Mt. Olympus spreads across the range, dividing the regions of Thessaly and Macedonia. Image courtesy of Eleftherios Kostans.