Let the Games Begin! PGBL Regular Season Concludes

Upper Darby, PA – It was a nervous night at St. Demetrios. The final week concluded with two first place teams going head to head in an exciting game that ended on the final shot.
The champs met up with the contenders for what could be a preview to the championship.

Sir Walter and Lady Sendall with Phaneromeni staff and girls in 1894.

The British bridge builder

When Cyprus became part of the British Empire in 1878, it didn’t really. The island’s status was somewhat murky, and can be reduced to this: Ottoman ownership, British administration.

  Heart attack. Image courtesy of Matt.

Being Greek isn’t enough to prevent heart disease

You may have heard on the news or read an article about how people in Greece, especially on the islands, live to almost 100. This is attributed to good living. Plenty of fresh air, seafood, low stress and don’t forget about the wine. But most of us don’t live on a Greek island and that means we are at risk of heart disease.

  The Greek Parliament
Greece / Cyprus

Greece’s new cabinet

Prime Minister: Alexis Tsipras
Government Vice-President: Yiannis Dragasakis
Interior – Administration Reconstruction Minister: Nikos Voutsis

Photographic Moments

Katerini, Greece, 1996

The sun sets on a tobacco field farmer as she wraps a handkerchief. In the distance, snow capped Mt. Olympus spreads across the range, dividing the regions of Thessaly and Macedonia. Image courtesy of Eleftherios Kostans.