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The Greek Discount

In my last post, “Greeks – One Big Happy Family,” I alluded to the Greek Discount otherwise known as the “GD”. For those of you who have never received the GD – krima! it’s where the Greek owner of a business finds out you’re Greek and wham! You are given a discount just because you have some Greek ema in you.

Greece / Cyprus

Voice of America Stops Broadcasting Greek Service

After 72 years of operation, the Greek Service of the Voice of America announced it will end its broadcasts due to budget cuts. The Greek Service was one of the first services established abroad in the midst of WWII in 1942. The Greek Service since then has covered events and developments in the USA in relation to Greece and Cyprus.

Elaina Balouris

Elaina Balouris Is Going Pro And Maybe Higher

Pittsburgh native Elaina Balouris has completed an illustrious career at the college of William & Mary and signed a professional contract with one of the most prestigious runner clubs in the United States, the Boston Athletic Association (BAA).

St. Luke Greek Affair 2014
Festivals & Dances

St. Luke Greek Affair 2014

Broomall, PA – The Fall season kicks off in the Greek community with the “Greek Affair”. Now celebrating their 37th year, the St. Luke Greek Orthodox parishioners come together again.

Greece / Cyprus

Ineffective Greek Bureaucracy Continues to Hurt Economy

Greek bureaucracy has always been criticized by both Greek and foreign investors and rightfully so. Screenwriter for the new movie “Hercules”, Evan Spiliotopoulos, sheds some light on this problem. According to Evan, producers had considered Greece as a possible location for the movie, even sending some location scouts to Greece.

Image courtesy of Paul Kam
Greece / Cyprus

Tourism Flourishing, Greeks Still Struggling

While tourism in Greece has already begun to exceed expectations for the summer of 2014, domestic tourism seems to be declining as a result of the ongoing economic crisis in Greece. This phenomenon can primarily be seen in popular tourist destinations such as Rhodes and Naxos.

St. Sophia Greek Fall Festival 2014
Festivals & Dances

St. Sophia Greek Fall Festival 2014

Valley Forge, PA – Remember your summer trip to Greece? Let’s have a Greek coffee and pastry at the St. Sophia Greek Festival and share. From September 4rth to the 7th, the Greek community of St. Sophia will open their doors and hearts.

Food & Wine

Tastefully Gourmet Granola

Before you skip over this recipe because it sounds to healthy, hold on! My recipe will have you loving Granola with all of it’s health benefits and deliciousness.

Image by bvw1013 / Flickr
Greece / Cyprus

Greece: a country of riches led by impoverished minds

From the insane drive to allow large corporations to extract oil and minerals from under Greece as quickly as possible, to the bone-headed move to open the country’s forests and coastline to Spanish-style large scale developments, to tourism policies firmly rooted in the 20th century, Greek government ministers are demonstrating that they ar

Bourtzi, the iconic Venetian island castle in the harbor

My Favorite Greek Road Trips: Athens to Nafplion

When we lived in Athens several years ago, just before the cracks in the Greek pavement were beginning to appear, one of our favorite things to do on the weekends was to get out of the city. Luckily the means to exit were readily available; Athens’ Germanic Ring Road, the Attiki Odos, was no more than a kilometer from our Nea Filothei apartment.

Arts & Entertainment

An Interview with The Greek American Starlet: Kalomira!

What is one thing that you have not told anybody in an interview?
I think the one thing I haven’t told anybody is that I like to do my own nails. I am obsessed with it. I like to change my colors every, like, three days, have all the colors I am obsessed, yeah, so I think nobody knows that. I do get pedicures but I love just doing my own nails.

Cyprus, still occupied 40 years later

Cyprus, still occupied 40 years later

Trenton, NJ – “We pray for a free Cyprus” said Father James Pavlow, during services this past Sunday. St. George Greek Orthodox church hosted a memorial service during liturgy, in honor of the 1200 missing, soldiers, civilians and persons from the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

Food & Wine

George’s Place, with a little Greek twist

Cape May, NJ – It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, on the corner of Beach and Perry. It’s George’s Place. John and Pete, Karapanayiotis brothers now run this family diner that is part of the history of this town.

Photo by Michael Coghlan via Flickr
Greece / Cyprus

Greek public sector: 277,095 positions axed in three years

Numbers released by the Ministry of Administrative reform show the extent to which the public sector has been shrunk since Greece entered the Memorandum agreement. Today almost 30% fewer individuals work in the public sector compared to 2009, exacerbating unemployment, particularly among the young.

Photographic Moments
Panagia Soumela W. Milford

West Milford, NJ, 2012

Volunteers string together flowers in preparation for the Dormition of the Virgin Mary weekend (August 15th). The Holy Institution of Panagia Soumela hosts this annual service that culminates with cultural performances and a festival from Pontian communities around North America. Photo courtesy of Eleftherios Kostans.