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George’s Place, with a little Greek twist

Cape May, NJ – It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, on the corner of Beach and Perry. It’s George’s Place. John and Pete, Karapanayiotis brothers now run this family diner that is part of the history of this town.

Photo by Michael Coghlan via Flickr
Greece / Cyprus

Greek public sector: 277,095 positions axed in three years

Numbers released by the Ministry of Administrative reform show the extent to which the public sector has been shrunk since Greece entered the Memorandum agreement. Today almost 30% fewer individuals work in the public sector compared to 2009, exacerbating unemployment, particularly among the young.


A Path to Orthodoxy, Interview with Presvytera Anastasia Bandy

Philadelphia, PA – Rev. Prof. and Mrs. Anastasius C. Bandy spent a lifetime as dedicated to the Greek Orthodox community and as members of the cathedral of St. George in Philadelphia.
They met by chance at a wedding in Massachusetts, when they accidently found out that they had nearly the same first name.

Philadelphia Greek Basketball League hosts 2nd annual Tourney

Philadelphia Greek Basketball League hosts 2nd annual Tourney

Hatboro, PA – The competition just keeps getting better as the PGBL (Philadelphia Greek Basketball League) crowned a new champ this past weekend. Led by Niko Balis, “Tune Squad” put together a run that carried past last years champs, “The Bridge” and this years contender, “The Trenton EuroStars”.

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Greek Classic Rice Pudding and my Fusion

Rice Pudding is one of those desserts that you never think to make at home but love to order out. If it is a good Rice Pudding it should be creamy and delicious with a hint of cinnamon and orange. Most people don’t realize how quick, healthy and easy this dessert is to make.

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Drakou and Papaioannou Host Engagement Party

Upper Darby, PA – Marilena Drakou and Dimitri Papaioannou announced they are officially engaged this past week. St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox church was the scene for family and friends who gathered to celebrate with the couple.

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VP Biden Addresses Greek Orthodox Clergy-Laity in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA – There was much applause and even a brief standing ovation for VP Biden as he addressed the Greek Orthodox community, at the 42nd biennial Gala dinner. “Your eminence, when I go, I wanna go Greek”, said VP Biden, speaking about the historical contributions Greece has made.

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Philadelphia Greeks, 1st Class Reception

Philadelphia, the American city with the Greek name meaning City of Brotherly Love, its name said it all yesterday. Its Greek community did the honors of playing host to fellow Hellenes from all over the United States.

Photo by Toni via Flickr
Greece / Cyprus

Giving away public land to Dutch royals

Local residents in the area of Ermioni in the Peloponnese have been enraged by a government decision to allow the Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima to build a small harbor on public land and effectively privatise the beach underneath their summer retreat. The reason given for the decision was that it was in the ‘public interest.


Clergy Laity Lands in Philadelphia for 42nd Biennial Congress

Philadelphia, PA ­- Greek Orthodox Christians from across North America congregated this week for the 42nd Biennial Congress. The four day event brought together some 1500 delegates and 500 Clergy members who attended the event, that was hosted at the Marriot Hotel in Center City Philadelphia.

Poor advertising for holidays in Greece. Photo: the justified sinner
The Philly Greek-Stake Blog

Who is Hedylogos?

Greece is in trouble – like we don’t know. It has no jobs. It has no money. It has no plans for the future. Well, at least I don’t think they do since they haven’t had the courtesy to inform me about their plans so I’m in the dark as to what they are trying to do as well as you are.

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Greek Salad & Greek Yogurt Dressing

My love of Greek yogurt, especially Fage has helped my dressing become creamy and delicious. Even today in many Greek households the dressing is not made in advance. It is not pre-made or pre-measured, the olive oil and vinegar are poured free hand and spices tossed in and mixed.

Photographic Moments
Thassos, Greece, 1994

Thassos, Greece, 1994

An overcast sunset on the Aegean Sea some 10 kilometers from the Island of Thassos, has two local fisherman from the town of Kavala eyeing a school of fish. The days bounty was sold at the Kavala fish market. Photo courtesy of Eleftherios Kostans.