Sunday, December 8th, 2019
Nameday of Patapios
South 31 Metope, Parthenon

Pammachon – A Martial Tradition and Ethos rooted in Hellenism

Greek cruiser Elli

Greek Merchant Mariners: Saying “OXI” Before OXI Day

Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge in Višegrad

A Trip to Bosnia and to The Bridge on the Drina

Theodoros Kolokotronis takes the Great Oath of the Filiki Eteria

Odessa: The “Society” Port

Episode from the Greek War of Independence, 1856

Thinking about the Bicentennial

Nick Theodore sworn in for his second term as Lt. Governor

Uncle Nick of Greenville


A Grandson’s Visit: Ano Kastania

Brig Ares

The Merchant Marine: An Integral Part of the Greek Identity

Hellas Liberty

The Blessed Liberty Ships: The Yeast that Caused the Greek Fleet to Rise

The Halcyon, a Panamanian registered Greek ship

The Battle of the Atlantic: The Gruesome Tale the Numbers Tell of Triumph and Tragedy

"I kseri elia" tavern, Hydra Island, Greece

Taverna Nostalgia

Smederevo: Last Stand of Serbian Byzantium

The Absent Byzantium

Mystra: Byzantium’s Indian Summer

Venice: Modern Greece’s First Diaspora

Acropolis of Athens

Nostalgia for My Favorite Athens


Hydra: Summers on my Father’s Isle

Thessaloniki from the Battlements

A Humble Taverna: Culinary Memories in Thessaloniki

Saint Sava Cathedral, Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade: Danubian Byzantium

Byzantium: Hidden in Plain Sight

Bulkes: The “Greek Republic” that “Never Existed”

Mystra: Byzantium’s Indian Summer

The Athenian: Elizabeth Boleman-Herring, an American-Greek

For a Generation of Greeks, is Cyberspace the new “Thalassa”?

Homeland: The Greeks of Utah

Coffee talk in Belogiannis

An Encounter with the Greeks of Chile

The Greeks of Trieste

To Southern Italy, in Search of Greeks…

Book Review: “The Great Fire”, by Lou Ureneck

Another Lesson from 1821

Greece: Where the Sidewalk Ends …and the IDs Look Fake

The Eloquence of Humble Architecture: Homes Lost …and Refuge Gained

Modern Greece and Greeks …In Whose Image?

Should diaspora Greeks be allowed to vote in Greece?

Rhodes Riches: An NGO Model for Greece

My Favorite Greek Road Trips: Athens to Nafplion

Skopje (FYROM) 2014

What, now the Hagia Sophia too?

Rigas Pheraios: My Kind of Hero

A Partisan Chat: Alexis Parnis

Balkans: End of the First Balkan War