Saturday, December 4th, 2021
Nameday of Barbara, Varvara, Seraphim, Serafeim, Serafim

Alpha Card Services CEO, Lazaros Kalemis, named a 2013 SmartCEO Circle of Excellence winner

Vassilis Papakonstantinou, 2013

AHEPA’s 5th District Cancer Research Foundation Axios Award

Greek Power in Youth and High School Soccer

The Exiled Greeks

Philadelphia Federation President Karadonis meets with Greece’s Deputy PM Venizelos

The Annual Pontian Akritai of Philadelphia Dance

Bingo Bags and Baklava

IOCC response to the crisis in Syria

Remembering the Great fire of Smyrna

Kastoria, Greece, 1994

Panagia Soumela, Turkey, 2010

Asbury Park, NJ, USA, 2010

Friends and Parishioners gather for St. Luke Golf outting

IOCC aid helps newly displaced families in Syria as need continues to grow

City Bar & Grill presents: Bouzoukia Live with Seizmos!

Welcome to the Greek Affair at St. Luke

Philly Panatha Fan News

Greek austerity cuts threaten arts

Short film “LEAST” – official trailer

Remembering Cyprus 1974

Crete: Incredible History

WOW Greece Campaign

Rebetika Greek Music Documentary

Green Gold

To Be Greek

Crete’s Incredible Hospitality and History

Be one of us: Hellas

A Traditional Easter Rocket War

A Cretan Green Story: From Kazantzakis to Vlahakis

Gordon Ramsey visits “Retsina” to compete as “The F World’s best local restaurant”

“A Promise of Remembrance”, Interview with Harry Karapalides