At Cosmos Philly, we’ve been long time fans of Dodoni. Now, we welcome them on board as sponsors and partners of our program, promoting the best of Greek culture.

Of course, it’s never been just for Greek salads. We use it on omelets, as part of meze and spanakopita. But the broader reputation of Feta cheese has been one associated with the Greek salad for the most part. And Dodoni cheese has long been recognized as arguably the premiere leader when it comes to Feta. Their distinct aroma and taste have made them a household name in Greece and around the world. For many of us Greeks (especially in North America), it’s the cheese we grew up on that binds us to Greece and a traditional Greek meal.

Today their products, especially their Feta cheese has become incorporated into a daily diet used the world over. Chefs have fused Dodonis products into a variety of their own cultural food. This creativity has given restaurants and homes new menus and an avenue to expand tastes. Greece’s reputation has surely profited from this.

Served with a fruit salad, mixed with avocado, or on crusty bread with cinnamon and apples, it’s not just part of the same old – same old. Check out their website and you’ll expand your taste buds to incorporate flavors and spices from all over the world by using the greatest cheese in the world – Dodoni.