Ioannina, Greece – Once again the Epirotes of the Omonia Society in Philadelphia expressed their love of homeland through charitable work.

Representing the organization, president Mr. Vasilios Keisoglou visited the city of Ioannina and contributed food and supplies worth $2,500 to the Dourachani Monastery.

This was the second consecutive year the Epirotes Society of Philadelphia donated to the monastery.

The Dourachani Monastery is located near the foot of Mount Mitsikeli in Epirus, Greece. Local legend has it that the monastery was founded in the fifteenth century by the Turkish commander Turachan Beglerbeg of Rumeli.

Mr. Keisoglou stated that “the Diaspora of Epirus never forgets its homeland and is always trying to help institutions through charitable work, both in America and in Greece.”

The Epirotes Society, founded in 1938 in Philadelphia, continues to observe and uphold its traditions in the Greek-American community. It hosts an annual dance called Tsipourovrathia that unites generations of Greeks of Epirus.