Thursday, December 9th, 2021
Nameday of Patapios

Chiotes preserve tradition in Philadelphia during Easter

Evangelismos Greek School celebrates March 25th

2014 New Year Greeting from the Greek School students of Evangelismos

Poems and Carols at Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church

Evangelismos receives gift for altar boys

Authentic and served by Greeks, Evangelismos Greek Festival

Hospitality and Parea at Evangelismos Greek Festival

Evangelismos, An Authentic Greek Festival

Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church celebrates a home town Greek Festival

Loukoumades Delight, Evangelismos Greek Festival

Evangelismos Church, My Big Fat Greek Festival

Christ’s Epitafio brings out church Decorators at Evangelismos

Evangelismos church members gather to decorate Epitafio

Philadelphia’s Evangelismos Church celebrates Greek Independence Day

Evangelismos Greek School Students remember Greek Independence Day

The Three Hierarchs Celebration at Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church

OHI Day, Poems and Songs from Evangelismos

Dancing under the Big Tent at Evangelismos Fall Festival

The Charm of a Neighborhood Greek Festival

Evangelismos Greek Fall Festival, The Best Food Around!

New Greek School Year and New Parish Priest at Evangelismos

New Priest Welcomes Back Evangelismos Greek School Opening

Charm and Tradition, Evangelismos Greek Festival

Authenticity! Evangelismos Greek Festival

Reverend Prokopios G. Nikas

In Memory of Reverend Father Prokopios G. Nikas

Father Prokopios Nikas of Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church

Anastasi at Evangelismos (Bustleton Ave)