Thursday, June 20th, 2024
Nameday of Ektoras, Ectoras, Ektor, Ector, Hektor, Hector, Methodius

Announcing Demation Brotherhood Dinner Dance

Akritai to celebrate 75th anniversary

Demation Brotherhood to celebrate 100th Anniversary

Cypriots Memorial and Independence Day Observed

Cyprus, still occupied 40 years later

Cyprus Leaders address St. George congregation – Photo Gallery

Pontians perform Ancient Greek Ritual dance, Momogeri

Memorial Day brings together Macedonians

Akritai Pontians Lament loss of Homeland in Theatrical performance

Pan-Macedonian Association of Philadelphia annual picnic

Vasiliki Tsanaktsidou and Akritai of Philadelphia commemorate Pontian Genocide

Pontians host 1st ever Apokriatiko Glendi

Pontian Apokriatiko Glenti – Video Highlights

Icarians come to Philadelphia, “Atheras” 75th Jubilee

Icarian brotherhood celebrates 75th year chapter jubilee – Video Highlights

Tsipouro Unites Epirotes

Epirotes Society Omonia Celebrates 75 years

Pan-Icarian Brotherhood Atheras 75th Year Chapter Jubilee

Pontian Akritai of Philadelphia invite you to an Apokriatiko Dinner Dance

Everyone’s a Chioti – Video Highlights from Philadelphia Chios Society’s dance

Youth Reignite Chios Dance in Cinnaminson

Epirotes announce the 8th Annual Tsipouro Night in Philadelphia

Announcing the 2014 Chios Society of Philadelphia Dance

Greek tradition continues, Macedonians sing kalanta

Pontian Kalanta all around Delaware Valley

Pontian Akritai, a welcome site during the Holiday season