Sunday, July 3rd, 2022
Nameday of Yakinthos, Zoumboulia

Cyprus Society of Greater Philadelphia to Host 60th Anniversary Dance

Pontian Akritai to Host 77th Annual Dance

Corthion Andros Society Celebrates 55th Year

Philopatria Beneficial Velvendinon Society Dinner Dance

55th Anniversary Dance, Corthion Andros Society

Philly Greeks Get a Bouzoukia Night Injection

Dancing on Your Table is Approved – Bouzoukia Night

Philadelphia Epirotes Contribute to Monastery

Local Pan-Macedonian Chapters Call for NBC to Clarify Truth

A Pontian Women’s Lament, Vasiliki Tsanaktsidou

Pontian Genocide Remembered at Monument in Upper Darby

We Will Never Forget, Pontian Memorial Service

Pan-Macedonians Sponsor Greek Island Dancing

Pan-Macedonian Society, Local Greek-American Owned Businesses Welcome Evzones

Icarians Dance through the Night

Patsa, Piperi and Klarino, 10th Annual Tsipourovrathia

Chiotes Apokriatikos Dance Fundraiser

Pan-Macedonians Elect Their New Board

Part Deux Beyond the Storm! Annual Icarian Dance

Epirotes to Celebrate the 10th Annual Tsipourovrathia

Hellenic-American Anonymous Assistance Program

Lira Tradition at Epirotes Society New Year’s Meeting

Announcing the 2016 Chiotikos Apokriatikos Dance

Help a Child from Cyprus coming to Philadelphia for Medical Treatment

Pontian Akritai Kalanda Tradition Celebrated

Sharing the Christmas Spirit – The United Chios Society of Philadelphia