Saturday, February 24th, 2024

Corthion Andros Society Celebrates 55th Year

Philopatria Beneficial Velvendinon Society Dinner Dance

55th Anniversary Dance, Corthion Andros Society

Philly Greeks Get a Bouzoukia Night Injection

Dancing on Your Table is Approved – Bouzoukia Night

Philadelphia Epirotes Contribute to Monastery

Local Pan-Macedonian Chapters Call for NBC to Clarify Truth

A Pontian Women’s Lament, Vasiliki Tsanaktsidou

Pontian Genocide Remembered at Monument in Upper Darby

We Will Never Forget, Pontian Memorial Service

Pan-Macedonians Sponsor Greek Island Dancing

Pan-Macedonian Society, Local Greek-American Owned Businesses Welcome Evzones

Icarians Dance through the Night

Patsa, Piperi and Klarino, 10th Annual Tsipourovrathia

Chiotes Apokriatikos Dance Fundraiser

Pan-Macedonians Elect Their New Board

Part Deux Beyond the Storm! Annual Icarian Dance

Epirotes to Celebrate the 10th Annual Tsipourovrathia

Hellenic-American Anonymous Assistance Program

Lira Tradition at Epirotes Society New Year’s Meeting

Announcing the 2016 Chiotikos Apokriatikos Dance

Help a Child from Cyprus coming to Philadelphia for Medical Treatment

Pontian Akritai Kalanda Tradition Celebrated

Sharing the Christmas Spirit – The United Chios Society of Philadelphia

Pan-Macedonian Association of Greater Philadelphia brings in the Christmas season

Society of Epirotes gives to Orphans at Monastery and recognizes community leaders